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Our Goal

At Self-Reflection Tees, we want to amplify your willpower with positive affirmations that only you can see in a Mirror or Reflection. Empower yourself to be who you want to be while feeding your mind the messages it needs to help get there.


"Loving It at home and for the Gym!
Just Grind!"


"I think of "Be the Change" in two ways. One is be an agent of change for whatever you might be advocating. In my case it might be immigrant rights. A second way of reading is that I need to model or reflect the change I might advocate. So if I'm going to be about immigrant rights, I need to live in way that treats all immigrants with equal dignity and respect." ••


"Time is not wasted when you're always following your passion and focusing on what you love." 

Sacred Geo Pinecones

"My entire year has been about change. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Bad wolves helped me pave the wave with awesome tracks like zombie, remember when, hear me now, learn to live ...five finger death punch came in clutch with remember everything, Jekyll and Hyde, and coming down.

Kiley Jo

"It's perfect for my training! I like the fabric and the way it wraps my body! Excellent!


"I love my crop top "Behold Faith not Fear" it's important bc I just went thru a kidney donation. So much COULD have gone wrong. However I CHOSE to have faith and not be afraid. My faith got me thru and everything is fine!"


"In LOVE with my crop top from self reflection tees! A Positive Affirmation that only I can see!!"


"Whenever I am starting to feel frustrated.. Lost. Anything. I stop and take a moment to. Just Breathe "


"Super Comfortable with a Great Reminder!"



Self Reflect Into Your Mind. Self Reflect Into the Mirror. 

Stay Strong

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