Self Reflection TeesSelf Reflecting:

I Started this journey for myself really. Positive statements, or questions I wanted to ask myself on a daily basis. And, Also be reminded of them easily. From a different perceptive I started to see mirror images in all of us. I've always been big into the wonderment of the mind. And, this was a clever way of brain hacking our subconscious. To really stay focused on what we really want to remember and stay focused on. 

What Do You See In the Mirror?

The possibilities are endless with this. And, with US. Nothing is Impossible. Tools such as this unique shirts will only help us amplify our minds and will (ever heard of the book, "The Secret?").  Thinking about certain things will make them appear in one's life. In our busy lives, one can forget to remember their true ambitions, passions, goals, reflections, true questions, or even wishes. 

At Self-Reflection Tees, we want to amplify your willpower with positive affirmations that only you can see. Empower yourself to be who you want to be while feeding your mind the messages it needs to help get there.

When we can control what we say to ourselves daily, we can then shape the way we live our lives.

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

See the new changes in yourself. See those changes in Self-Reflection Tees.